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"If you want to make more money, build more influence, grow your community, or all three, let me help you create a podcast that will accomplish that. " ~Doug Sandler


Learn The Secrets to Launching a Podcast That Will Allow You to Build Influence, Grow Community, and Make Money

With our Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula, Doug Sandler will teach you how to launch your podcast and get your voice out to the world. Inside this course, you’ll have everything you need to not only launch a podcast confidently…but also know that you’re creating a powerful tool and resource for your business.
Podcasting can seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s the single most powerful tool I’ve used in my business to grow community, build influence and make money.
I am the “go-to” person in my industry and I hardly do any other marketing outside of my podcast. This has allowed me to build a multiple six-figure business. For months, I floundered between what would and wouldn’t get me cash in my business. I first thought I needed to hire a PR company, but the $3500 a month price tag was too much for me.
So I launched a podcast, but I had a long learning curve. You don’t have to. You’re not only getting a DIY-course. You’re getting the community and support to help you launch with confidence.

Module 1: The Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula


Module 2: Creating an Excellent Listen: The Equipment


Module 3: Podcast Elements


Module 4: Creating an Episode


Module 5: Interview-Based Podcasts


Module 6: Reaching the Public


Module 7: Wrap Up, Review, and Launch!


Everything You Need

After you finish this course, you will have everything you need to launch your podcast with confidence. Create a successful show from episode 1 with none of the guesswork.
If you ever want to launch a new show, double-check a process or need a bit of guidance along the way, you can always come back to the course. You have lifetime access to the course and all future updates when you join us.
At Turnkey Podcast, we’re invested in your success…and want to make this process as easy as possible.
So, we’re not only granting you access to the course. We’re providing a community and personal support to get you started.

HUGE VALUE #1: Access to  LIVE Group Coaching Calls

We know the power of podcasting and how important having a process in place for launching is. Ask any of your questions, get our feedback and make sure your launch knocks it out of the park! ($1997 value)

HUGE VALUE #2: Access to Our Private Facebook Support Group 

This exclusive student-only group is the perfect place to ask for feedback, find a mock interview partner, or find your first few guests! You’re all in the same place of launching your show and there’s no one more motivated than a fellow student. PLUS, Strickland, myself, and members of our team will regularly be dropping in to answer your questions.

HUGE VALUE #3: FREE promotion to the Turnkey Community

People pay as much as $495 to be promoted directly to our community. These are people who know the power of podcasting and your future clients. When you join us for this launch, you’ll receive a direct promotion to our list highlighting your show, message and services.

HUGE VALUE #4: Access to 1:1 Coaching during Office Hours

Many of our long-term clients and concierge clients paid up to $7500 to gain access to these office hours. As a graduate of the program, you can drop by with your questions whenever you need during our office hours. If you’ve got questions in one week, one month, or longer as long as we’re holding an office hour you can join and ask.
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Here's what our clients think....so cool!

Jay Fiset

A shout out to Doug & Strickland a huge thank you for your support. My podcast is LIVE thanks to you both!! Huge appreciation to you both for your contributions to me and the JVology community.

Michelle Nedelec

This was AWESOME!!! Highly recommend it!! It 'almost' made me glad I procrastinated for 4 years to be a part of this. Super easy. Super clear instructions. Actionable and made it super exciting to get the next step done. Love, love, LOVED it!

Robyn McTague

I had attempted a different podcast course years ago, and got stuck and never finished the course. I hadn't thought about creating a podcast again because of those challenges. This course was recommended and I was pleasantly surprised because it was so well laid out and clear, with different options for technology and lots of clear directions. The support from Doug and Strick was amazing and their laid back style made it comfortable to ask any question, and not feel like I was asking a stupid question.

Heather Pearce Campbell

"It was a great course!! It felt do-able, the instruction was clear, the course recordings were terrific - short and easy to consume, but on point."

Video Testimonials Too! We Heart Our Clients!


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Yes, Doug! I'm ready to launch my podcast! I’m excited to get my message out to the world and have maximum impact in the podcasting space. I’m ready to stop being the world’s best-kept secret. I am ready to grow my influence, build my community, and make money podcasting.



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Questions your fellow podcastologists, podcast hosts and entrepreneurs asked before saying ‘YES’ to the Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula… 


1. I want to do this, but I’m already spread waaaay too thin. How much time is this gonna take?

We hear you :) 

We’ve also been in a place where it seemed all of our time was spent trying to figure out the whole “business” thing and how podcasting fit into it.

I get that adding “one more thing” to your to-do list to grow your community and build influence seems like it’s out of the question. 

But here’s the thing.

Having a podcast not only lets you grow community, build influence and make money. When done right…it can attract your ideal people to you. Whether that’s engaged community members, potential clients or huge names in the industry…podcasting can do this.

Getting a podcast launched does not happen overnight. 

But instead of wasting 17 months until you see success…Strick and I are dedicated to helping you cut that curve. 

And we’re providing the support you need to make it happen. 

If you know right now that “business as usual” is unsustainable and a fast track to burning dollars, then we insist that you find a way to block off the time.

On our end, we PROMISE to spare you from any impractical fluff or work. I don’t even like writing long emails. Each part of this process has the exact amount of what you need to get launched…and FAST (on August 18th to be precise). 


2. I know nothing about podcasting. Don’t I need to know a little bit more about it before I dive in and launch my own show?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: you’re the best fit for Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula! You don’t have to “unlearn” any bad habits or ideas when it comes to podcasting.

Absolutely everything you need to understand the space, get the tech setup and launch a show that WILL be accepted by Apple Podcasts is inside this course.

And, you’ll have unprecedented support along the way. Not only does each package include 4 coaching calls with myself and Strickland…but you’ll also be a part of a community of at least 100 other podcasters who are launching with you! 


3. But I don’t have a huge community, so how can I get listeners?

The beauty of the Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula is it’s great for anyone who wants to launch a show…whether or not they have a huge community.

Right now, The Nice Guys on Business podcast has a social following of over 80,000 people. 

Know how many we started with?


In fact, our first few months we could only hope to get about 7 downloads an episode.

But…podcasting is a tool that lets you grow a community. So no, you don’t need a huge community to start. In fact, if you don’t have one you can create the show that will grow the best community for you. 

This is your invitation to create and launch the right show for you that lets you grow community, build influence AND make money.  


4. I’ve seen a lot of programs out there that promise to launch your show. How is this any different? 

So have we, and we’ve got nothing against them :)

Our mission is to help as many people as we can who want to grow a community, build influence and make money with podcasting do it quickly…and the right way. Many other programs don’t provide the personal touch that we do. 

We want to give the opportunity for everyone to become a podcaster…no matter the budget…and with the right support in place. You’ll have access to the group coaching calls no matter what tier you join at…and we’ll be hanging out in the Facebook group too to help when we can. 

This is the best option for those who want to DIY and still get the encouragement, accountability and support that are crucial to getting a podcast launched. 

We are actively involved in the podcasting community. We’ve produced over 3000 episodes and have a long-running show that averages 20+ guest applications a week. That’s 20 people reaching out to us…and who can potentially become clients. 

Use our knowledge of the industry to get a fast win out of the gate. 


5. I don’t feel like I know enough about podcasting to host a show. Are you sure I can learn this? 


Starting, growing and launching a successful podcast is possible for anyone…as long as you follow the process. 

Inside the program, we show you exactly what to do at each step of the way. 

And, as a member of the Facebook group, you have access to plenty of people who are learning alongside you and can become your first guests! Ditch the worry and anxiety and get the support you need while launching your show with this group.

But here’s the deal:

No matter HOW much temporary discomfort or self-doubt you may be experiencing right now, as an entrepreneur or business owner, we believe you CAN launch a podcast successfully.

That’s why we’ve designed every part of the process to be easy to follow, no matter your skill level.   

By the time you’re done, you’ll not only be ready to launch a successful podcast, but you’ll have a community to support your launch and help you along the way.


6. I really need to make money with my show. Will you teach me about ads?

Here’s the thing, unless you already have a community of people that rivals Tim Feriss, ads are not the way to go.

We have several other methods you can use to make money with your show…and they don’t require a big audience. 

Ads are fine for bigger shows, but we’ll show you how to make money early…

One of our students even made $1000 before they ever launched!


Ok, Doug -- I am ready to launch